Business Analysis Glory

More than just “Business Analysts” do Business Analysis. To help illustrate that point I developed a presentation for the Charlotte User Experience group titled, “Business Analysis in All Its Glory: An Overview of Business Analysis & Tips for Transferrable BA Skills Everyone Could Apply to Their Projects” // Download PDF of ‘Business Analysis in All Its Glory’

It was presented at the July 23, 2012 MeetUp for the group. Apparently there were 56 people there. Before kicking off the group was nearly in 100% agreement that they did business analysis activities in some way, shape, or form during their day-to-day job. I thought, well…there goes my punchline. 🙂

Nevertheless I proceeded, even getting a few laughs. Four main areas were covered during the discussion:

  • What is Business Analysis?
  • The Traditional BA Role
  • 7 Things You Should Consider
  • Where to Learn More

The main take-aways came from within the “7 Things You Should Consider” section where I highlighted:

  1. Acceptance & Evaluation Criteria
  2. The ‘Kano’ Conversation
  3. Business Rules Analysis
  4. NonFunctional Requirements Analysis
  5. Functional Decomposition
  6. User Stories
  7. Use Cases

Of course it was hard for my “agile” hat not to be on, and on several occasions the conversation drifted towards the topic of Waterfall vs Agile – something the group is clearly interested in. Afterwards there were several conversations about applying Agile Practices & Principles to creative and user experience driven projects; a topic I am increasingly interested in due to my lack of hands on experience doing it well and my need to be able to convey the best practices to the Davisbase clientele on a daily basis. The good news, it sounds like sometime this fall, or perhaps early in 2013 I will return to give a talk on Agile, possibly even running it as a slimmed down version of the Introduction to Agile curriculum we offer the Davisbase clients.

For now, there is only the PDF version of the slides available. I have the best intentions of recording audio to support them, but I will be honest with you – that’s not very high on my backlog right now.

Have a good one!

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